Business Summary

>  Emergency Response & Physical Conditioning courses and training.

>  Customized training for individual and group needs.

Core Competencies

>  CPR/First Aid

>  Professional Rescuer CPR

>  WIlderness/Survival Emergency Care

>  Bloodborne Pathogen Protection

>  Water Safety/Swimming Instructor

>  Basic Water Rescue

>  Emergency Medical Responder

>  Hazardous Materials Programs

>  Building Disaster Damage Assessment

>  Lifeguarding Instructor

>  Emergency Response to Terrorism

>  Automatic External Defibrillation

>  Personal Self Defense

>  Firearm Safety and Use

>  Instructional Methodology

>  Facility Safety

>  Strength and Conditioning Programs

>  Physical Rehabilitation Programs

>  Wilderness and Disaster Life Support


>  Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

>  American Red Cross and American Safety & Health Institute Instructor Trainer

>  Advanced Wilderness Life Support Instructor

>  Aquatic Exercise Instructor

>  Department of Justice Emergency Response to Terrorism Instructor

>  National Disaster Life Support Instructor

>  Military Survival Instructor

>  US Olympic Center Trained Weightlifting Coach

Past Performance

Instructed curriculum and continuing education courses at the following:

>  Clemson University

>  Western Carolina University

>  Haywood Community College

>  North Carolina State University Extension

>  Duke Health and Fitness Center

>  Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences

>  US Army Ranger Regiment


>  25 years of experience

>  Author of "Wilderness and Disaster Emergencies" Guidebook

>  Held numerous records in physical endurance events

>  Master's Degree in Safety and Physical Training

>  Salvation Army Heritage Society Award

PO Box 1011

23 Shady Creek Lane

Leicester, NC  28748



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Wilderness and Disaster Survival Guide

This guide is primarily for the benefit of Christian disaster response workers, civilian emergency response personnel, military personnel and others with an interest in general survival topics


This guide is available here as a goodwill offer with the hope that it can help many. Please use proper credit when referencing.


Writer and instructor offers printed copies of this guide and is available for courses.


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